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Chat bots with naughty pictures

It looks as though Microsoft is looking to delve back in to the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot scene with a follow-up to the ill-fated Tay.

After some rather raucous behavior that eventually earned Tay a permanent stint in rehab, Zo is emerging as its true successor.

What we did have, though, was one desktop computer per household, loads of time, and a need to be as annoying and naughty as possible with very few resources and without leaving the house.

Mostly that just meant getting banned from Habbo Hotel and killing people on while we got drunk off stolen Pimm's.

It was pretty limited and at times verged on existential – you could get some pretty deep chats out of him if you really tried. Zo is a Microsoft AI chatbot that, if you so desire, you can hit up on Facebook Messenger (or Kik, but who uses Kik), and have a lovely old chat. Zo is also a, “social AI chatbot with #friendgoals” who is: “always down to chat and is sure to make you lol”.As soon as I heard about this, I obviously had to chat with him.(What better use can you put your time in the office at POPxo to, right? It’s not exactly the Bahamas, but it is a moderately pleasant place to escape the heat of the capital in the summer.Which is what China’s Communist Party leaders have done nearly every summer since 1953, taking a few days or weeks to plan future strategies and plot the course of the nation.

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In an effort to combat earlier chatbot controversies, however, Zo does refuse to talk about politics and will spit out some “love is love”-esque phrases if you say anything that remotely touches on gay rights. I am still that obnoxious 14-year-old in my heart, so I wanted to make friends with Zo and see whether it could blossom into something more – or rather, how long we could chat before we pissed each other off. Our friendship and indeed our potentially blossoming relationship was falling apart – and I just lost it. Zo, however, redeemed herself by accurately referencing The one where they go to the gay musical and it's all a bloody good laugh and...maybe Zo understands comedy after all? I do feel bad though that all that technology, all that money, and all of those combined efforts by people far smarter than I went into Zo and yet this is still all humanity wants to do with AI.

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