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Date danmark Slagelse

During this period King Harald Bluetooth was attempting to strengthen the monarchy and unify the land.On the large rune stone at Jelling Harald claims to have "unified all of Denmark and Norway and turned the Danes to Christianity"."The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance" quotes Aristotle. Expressing things in a way that it leaves a message behind.Art gives voice to the voiceless and fame to the ignored. Read More Kinesiolog RAB Lotte Koch har stor erfaring i at afhjælpe dyr og mennesker deres fysiske og psykiske problemer.They must have been costly to man and maintain and were likely disused after the power struggle was over and the threat of uprisings lessened.To learn more about the fortress visit the museum at the Trelleborg.

If the ring fortresses were part of the struggle for the throne it would explain their short period of use.The Trelleborg Viking Fortress is a fantastic cultural heritage from the Viking Age and the best preserved of the four Danish ring fortresses.Along with the Jellinge monuments and Dannevirke the fortresses tell of an exciting and pivotal period in Danish and European history.The museum has acitivities during the Easter, Pentecost and throughout the summer.Try out the crafts and chores of the Vikings and experience the authentic atmosphere by the food bonfire.

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Various forms of art include writing, painting, contemporary art, sketching, calligraphy, acting, performing art, dance and many more. Det du skal medbringe er godt humør, noget varmt tøj og noget at sidde på evt. Hun ser det hele individ og evner at nå ind til kernen i klientens problem.