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Before we had the sophisticated brain imaging to study brains, we looked at hormones to understand gender differences.The thinking was that girls had estrogen and boys had testosterone.Are we the way we are (not male versus female) but just the way we are because of some inborn wiriing?because of the way the environment shaped our developing brains? Thanks for your insightful comment Can we assume, then, that when people claim they are in the body of the opposite sex and require transgender surgery... If there are no brain differences, then there is no basis for transgender.My point is that there are brain differences among people but we have yet to pinpoint the specific difference , the underlying cause .These people are speaking the truth but science has yet to unravel the mystery of it all.But in the 1920s, scientists spotted estrogen in men’s urine and the facts got in the way of a good story.“We are not yet able to explain this anomalous and disconcerting discovery,” Dr.

About 45 minutes into their conversation, one woman said, “Oh my name is L.” To which her train companion said, “Nice to meet you, I’m S.” Women share in ways that I totally get but my husband never would. Scientists at the University of Tel Aviv tried to divide 1,400 brains by gender.To me, this one snippet of a conversation revealed a scientific truth: Men’s brains and women’s brains are wired differently. Was the amygdala, the emotional center, larger among the female brains?Was the gray matter, the nerve cells, bigger in the males?There will always be people who better fit stereotypical gender roles and so have a greater interest in maintaining and perpetuating them, including by making biological arguments and conducting research to back them up, and those who do not fit the gender roles, and would love to see everyone in society less restrained by arbitrary guidelines for behavior based on "gender".I wouldn't mind seeing gender become extinct, giving people more freedom to be authentically themselves, rather than some feeling harmfully confined by the dictates of social roles that need not confine. I agree that while it's fascinating to delve into the human brain to try to grasp how and why we are wired, we will never be able to make clear distinctions between the nature/nurture.

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It might be more realistic to look at evolution and differences of physical size and strength overall.