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Posted by / 01-Aug-2017 23:42

It’s trying to be The Good Girl (or The Good Guy) because you don’t want to seem as if you’re being immature.

It’s a willingness to accept a downgrade because you think you can shag your way back up to being the girlfriend/boyfriend.

) and it reminded me, not only of why it’s critical to avoid collecting exes if you don’t want to be managing numerous crumb relationships in Never Never Available Land, but it also reminded me of why it’s even more important to stop this whole let’s be friends bullsh*t that we engage in after we break up with a shady ex.

This post is one of my most read posts on being friends with your ex.

It’s not that porn has magical powers that suck away your libido – no matter what /r/nofap says – it’s that porn sex is fucking about the cock and getting it in, rather than actual mutual pleasure or arousal.

It’s 99% about blowjobs with the occasional minimal nod towards cunnilingus.

Don’t try to be their friend so you can validate yourself and be ‘right’ because you’re doing it at the expense of your self-respect.

Use No Contact for several months and put a complete focus on you, and if after you have genuinely spent 100% of your efforts distancing yourself from the source of your pain and doing everything to let go of the relationship, heal, and move on, you still feel a burning desire to be their friend, go ahead and put your hand in the fire.

Let me assure you, for those of you hankering for friendship with people who didn’t treat you well, this is Hi, I’m Natalie!There are certainly I love you more than I love myself and you didn’t actually treat me as badly as you know or I know you did, because if you did, there’s no way in hell I should be giving you the time of day let alone anything else. In life, when it comes to breaking up, we all have narcissistic tendencies.that what they did didn’t happen, but it’s you that’s watering it down by trying to massage your ego with friendship. We want to feel less rejected or feel like less of an asshole.It’s wanting to keep tabs on them and to have a hand in their lives.More importantly, remaining friends with your ex, aside from being some sort of validation of your worthiness, the act in itself makes the process of letting go somewhat less painful. However, when someone has treated you with an absence of love, care, trust, and respect, attempting to remain their friend in any capacity is a grave mistake that those who attempt it learn about all too quickly.

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