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David Forsey specializes in travel demand forecasting and public transportation systems.He has recently served as project manager for the Peel Region Travel Demand Forecasting Model Update and the National Capital Region Travel Trends Study, as well as leading the technical work for public transit and travel demand forecasting for Niagara Region and the estimation and land use forecasting model for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.Follows a pair of married couples, Alfie (Hopkins) and Helena (Jones), and their daughter Sally (Watts) and husband Roy (Brolin), as their passions, ambitions, and anxieties lead them into trouble and out of their minds.After Alfie leaves Helena to pursue his lost youth and a free-spirited call girl named Charmaine (Punch), Helena abandons rationality and surrenders her life to the loopy advice of a charlatan fortune teller.

These are the people defining the cities of tomorrow.Unhappy in her marriage, Sally develops a crush on her handsome art gallery owner boss, Greg (Banderas), while Roy, a novelist nervously awaiting the response to his latest manuscript, becomes moonstruck over Dia (Pinto), a mystery woman who catches his gaze through a nearby window. Her legs, and the legs of a male crew member, can also be seen reflected in the glass front of the fireplace.When Alfie and Helena are arguing about his new fitness regime, they enter house and Alfie sits down. See more » The goofy comedian has always been a pessimist.The goofiness is basically gone and what's left plays like a drama with darkly humorous undertones. Is delusions the only plays you can find happiness?Is the ideas of love and friendship simply a charade we hide behind? You know there's at least some truth here, but though I'm not ready to accept it all the very thought of it gives me chills.

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