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He appeared in court last Friday, when detectives sought to keep him incarcerated as they continue to investigate his claimed affiliation with a notorious trafficking ring called the Black Death Group that Interpol investigated in 2015.

Italian media reported that investigators who initially interrogated Ayling after her release said she told them that she woke up inside a suitcase in the trunk of a car wearing a pink bodysuit and socks.

“They flocked to Hansa in their droves,” said Europol Director Wainwright.

“We recorded an eight-times increase in the number of new users on Hansa immediately following the takedown of Alpha Bay.”The identities of many of the buyers are now in the hands of authorities in multiple countries, who might be able to prosecute them, though an Interpol agent reached by The Daily Beast, who asked not to be quoted by name because he is an undercover operative, said that most people use false identities when buying illicit goods that are paid for with Bitcoins.

SESTA carves a hole in section 230 of the Communication Decency Act, the liability shield that protects websites from being accountable for the user-generated content they host, by potentially expanding criminal liability.SESTA also opens websites up to civil suits over user posts that promote sex trafficking.“What you're going to end up seeing is mass lawsuits,” said Julie Samuels of Engine Advocacy, a nonprofit organization perhaps best known for its work around patent reform.Since the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017 was introduced in the Senate in August, tech companies and advocacy groups have been mobilizing in a battle to control its message.Digital rights organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation have called it “disastrous for free speech online,” asking its members to call their representatives in Congress.

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Nonetheless, a simple Reddit search on the group brings up several posts about experiences—many quite unbelievable—from those who say they have been on the Black Death site.