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All in all, sixty shootapalooza artists contributed one hundred thirty-one images.Marti, professional graphic designer by day, created the layouts.The official wheat-pasting day was set for Saturday, February 13.

It should be noted that the controversial exhibit took place in a community where many Vietnamese Americans reside.

An exhibit in 2008 provoked outrage at the Pilsen Together Chamber of Commerce in Chicago.

A photograph by Amir Normandi, which depicts a nude woman holding a mirror and paint roller in front of her veiled face, was covered by chamber officials after receiving complaints and threats of violence-- the photograph had been displayed in a window facing outside.

Thus, one could say that an exhibit of this nature was not exactly a wise decision on the part of the curators-- especially since there are still ‘open wounds‘ within the community. Those involved with the protest felt that a similar controversial exhibit would not have taken place near other minority communities.

For example, one rights advocate stated that a photograph of a young Jewish person wearing a Nazi symbol standing next to a bust of Hitler would not have been displayed in a heavily populated community of Holocaust survivors.

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Mark is best known as the singer and guitarist for the band Slaughter.

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  1. After she and partner Ethan Burgess performed an energetic routine for the show's 'Thrill Week', the judge made reference to the reality star's comment that she didn't care what the judges said about her performances.